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Packaging and Shipping of Legal Seafood Lobsters

Fresh when we send it, fresh when you get it.

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The secret is the ingenious reusable cooler and ice packs

All lobster gifts are expertly packed at the Legal Seafood Quality Control Center in Boston and shipped in their own sturdy coolers to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. In addition you don't pay extra for shipping, all costs are inclusive.

When it comes to the overnight shipping of fresh seafood, Legal Seafood has been doing it longer and better than just about anybody. You might say they've got it down to a science. All Legal orders are packed with care to preserve freshness and assure that your seafood arrives in perfect condition. All lobsters are shipped nestled in moist seaweed. Lobsters and lobster dinners are kept cool in sturdy, molded styrofoam containers with non-toxic frozen gelpacks. The chowders are packed in their own separate sealed containers.

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