Art Requirements


Artwork Files Overview for Logo Imprint
Artwork Files should be 300 dpi or greater for the best resolution. Ideal formats are an .EPS, .AI, or .PDF file.  Important: All fonts and/or placed images must be converted to outlines. .EPS and Vectorized . PDF files provide the best reproduction quality because images can be resized without a loss to the sharpness or detail of the file.

If you don't have the correct format and need help, we can reconstruct your logo into the correct format (nominal fee may apply). We will vectorize any simple text for FREE.

Text Imprint
Submit requested text in a word document and font preference.

One Color Artwork
Your logo should be in black with a white background. If you art is text only a Word document will work.

Multi Color Artwork
Proper artwork for multi color art is critical. Original, native ,vector EPS files are the best.

Unacceptable Artwork
Web images are not acceptable because their resolution is usually 72 dpi which is too low for reproduction. In addition, Embedded files and non vectorized PDF files are not acceptable formats.

You can email your artwork to  Please reference your order number.

Please call customer service at 1.888.968.4696 for further details or questions or email