Top Ten Corporate Christmas Gifts for 2022

Every year the selection of corporate gifts gets greater and greater. There are more companies on the internet ever than before and selecting the company you feel comfortable with who also has the perfect gift is becoming a more daunting task. Trends change from year to year. In the last couple of years, Bluetooth speakers and power bank chargers have been the most popular gifts. Gourmet food gifts are always a top seller. The trend for gifting has changed a little this year, except for the stable food gift baskets and towers. The question we hear most is what is the most popular gift? Of course, the answer relies heavily on your budget, but we have compiled 10 of what appear to be the most popular gifts that have been trending the last quarter of 2022. We even added a few extra. These are grouped into categories and are the top 3 in each.


There is a big market for brand name gifts. There is high perceived value to a brand name that is recognizable. If you can afford it, the impact of a name brand gift that is well known is worth the money. Don’t expect to get special deals and discounts on name brand items as there are suggested retail prices that are required to maintain high standards set by the manufacturers. In addition, when buying through a corporate gift company or promotional products distributor there will be the added expense of logo personalization. But a gift with a well-recognized brand name with your logo on it, is priceless.

#1 Branded Hydro Flask Mug

Branded Hydro Flask Coffee Mug

The coffee/tea mug is one of the most popular in the Hydro Flask line. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Hydro Flask is a well known brand name and is highly respected. Your logo is imprinted on the opposite side of the Hydro Flask logo.

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#2 JBL Flip 5 Speaker

JBL Flip 5 Speaker with Logo

JBL is a name synonomous with great sound. A trusted  brand that all who like great sound with love. Although name brands are impressive, some don't fit in the budget. We are other bluetooth speakers and earbuds with great sound to meet every price range.

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#3 Cutter & Buck Duffel Bag

Cutter & Buck Bainbridge Duffel

Executives and employees will love the versatile duffel bag from Cutter & Buck. Attention to details and style are key on this high end duffel.

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Blankets are a constant top seller during the holiday season. It’s always popular because it is a gift people will keep and use. We believe the feeling of warmth and family are what is the driving force this year. This year there seems to be an even bigger surge in the popularity of blankets in all price ranges. Many companies will have them direct shipped to their employees, sometimes with another item such as a mug or some candies. On a side note, the term for putting several items together is called “kitting”. You can basically have whatever you want drop shipped with your logo in one gift box.

#1 Plush Cable Knit Reversible Sherpa

Plush Cable Knit Throw

This blanket is luxurious and special. Double sided with cozy sherpa on one side and an elegant cable knit on the other side. Your logo is included on the classy faux leather patch. Comes in a clear presentation case so your recipients see the elegance even before they pull it out of the bag.

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#2 Faux Mink and Sherpa Throw

Sherpa and faux mink throw


One of the reasons this blanket is so popular is because of it's softness and color variety. Embroidered logos stand out on this much appreciated blanket. Nothing screams holidays like a warm blanket.

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#3 Roll Up Fleece Picnic Blanket

Roll Up Fleece Picnic Blanket

Another winner this year. This has actually been a proven winner year after year. Reviews are always raving about the Roll Up Fleece Blanket. Your logo is prominent and it's useful for picnics, games, and all kinds of outings.

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Finding time for yourself in these times is the most important thing one can do for good health. Gifting something that promotes good health has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Items to reduce stress and focus on good health which includes exercise and relaxation are extremely popular. These are also items that will be kept by the recipients, used and appreciated. Here are the top three sellers in this category at this time.

#1 Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Massage Gun

One of the most popular and well received gifts is the therapeutic massage gun. Who doesn't have a little added tension and stress during the holidays? Knead those knots with this incredible massage gun.

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#2 Flaxseed Neck and Shoulder Therapy Pad

JBL Flip 5 Speaker with Logo

The best on the go therapy. Just pop in the microwave and instant warmth is yours. Your neck and shoulders will appreciate the gift of warmth. This is an economical way to stay up on the trend of self care. Employees and clients both appreciate this thoughtful gift.

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#3 Logo Pickleball Set

Cutter & Buck Bainbridge Duffel

Pickleball has been the fastest growing sport in the last year. It makes the grouping of "self care" because it is a way to stay in shape. The Pickleball set with your company logo is sure to be a hit. It has been with many businesses looking to promote themselves.

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The #1 one size fits all gift category. The only concern here is that you don’t select a gift where a food allergy may be of concern. There are plenty of chocolate gifts and savory items to select from. It’s difficult to narrow this category down to just a few items as so many are popular, but here are a few to view.

#1 Sustainable Shopper Tote and Gourmet Snacks

Sustainable Shopper Tote With Snacks

We think the popularity of this new food item stems from the fact that it includes a reusable and sustainable shopper tote. It's unique and useful and who can't resist gourmet snacks?

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#2 Fun Variety Snack Time Basket

Fun Variety Snack Basket

Back for another year. This popular gift basket is full of delicious treats. It comes presented in a wooden gift crate this year which enhances its appeal. 

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#3 Tin of Famous Ghirardelli Chocolates

Ghirardelli Gift Tin

We believe this is such a popular gift this year  because of the high appeal of the famous San Francisco Ghirardelli Chocolates and the price point for such a nice gift. It also leads back to the trend of buying brand names. 

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If you are looking for more gifting ideas, please browse our site as everything has been hand picked from our extensive database of offerings. We are always able to assist you with ideas and provide you with service to make your holiday gifting the best it can be. We have thousands of items available and would like the opportunity to assist you this Christmas season and beyond. We are the branding and marketing partner you have been searching for.

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