Direct Ship Gifts To Individual Recipients

Do you want to send gifts to your employees to their homes or to your clients to their businesses or homes? We offer shipping to individual addresses for your convenience. There is a small drop ship fee on some items, determined by the item you are interested in shipping to multiple addresses. Please contact for pricing on the specific item you are wanting to ship.

Sending Gifts To Your Employees:

  1. You select the gift you want to send out.
  2. You provide us with an Excel Spreadsheet with employee details.
  3. We fulfill the order.
  4. We provide you with tracking.

Sending Gifts To Your Clients/Customers: Concerned about how to obtain their addresses and keep their information safe and protect their privacy? We can help you out! Here is how it works:

  1. You select the gift you want to send out. 
  2. We develop a form with an image and description of the item with fillable fields for client details.
  3. You send an email to each of your clients directing them with a link to the online form for them to complete securely with their address details.
  4. We fulfill the order.
  5. We provide you with tracking.

Please contact for pricing details