10 New Advances in Eco Friendly Corporate Gifting

Organic, Recycled, Reclaimed, Solar Powered, and Water Powered are just a few of the processes used by the promotional products industry in order to ensure that items are "Eco Friendly".  Manufacturers are certifying that their products fall into these categories and can  be called eco friendly or green. We are all attempting to save the planet as best as we can from pollution and over consumption and this trend has recently carried over to the corporate gift business.


Top suppliers in the industry are jumping on in with creative and unique gifts for businesses to give their clients and employees that demonstrate their "green" way of thinking. As the trend grows we are seeing more useful items with innovative designs in the marketplace.

Organizations are buying eco friendly corporate gifts to help save the planet and to demonstrate to their customers, employees, and clients that they are helping to save the planet even while promoting their business.

Compiled is a list of the 10 most unique eco friendly corporate logo gifts available.

1. Recycled Tote Bag - A fashion tote made of recyclable non-woven PP material. The market began with only Jute bags, but a variety of colorful and useful totes have become available in recent months.

2. Bamboo and Coconut Shell Award - An unbelievable innovation. Companies are showing their employees they are committed to the environment by recognizing them with eco friendly awards.

3. Bamboo USB Drive - This is a prime example that going green doesn't mean giving up high tech advances.

4. Solar Powered Garden Lights - These lights include a place for a company logo to be imprinted.

5. Water Power Desk Clock - No batteries required. The user just fills up the holding tank with a small amount of water.

6. Note pad and pen made of recycled paper

7. Pen Caddy - A desk item that is not only eco friendly but stylish. It is made of bamboo with a zebra stripe design. The company made a whole line of coordinating desk accessories.

8. Organic Lip Balm - No harmful chemicals. Quality organic ingredients comprise this lip balm.

9. Bamboo T-Shirt - This is just a sample of the apparel available out of bamboo. Tradition silk screening or embroidery can be done.

10. Foldable Ruler - Ruler made of recycled material