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You’ve asked for it, and it’s finally here, e-CorporateGifts.com  is now on the blogging radar! We consider ourselves on the cutting edge of technology and ecommerce, but when it came to writing a blog, we were in the dark ages. : ( ….. So the much anticipated blog has arrived.

We’ve named our blog . . . → Read More: A Corporate Gifts Blog

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Promotional Products Industry and President Obama Mandates


Today President Obama announced a mandate to cut 20% from federal agency spending on promotional items such as plaques, clothing, and what he categorized as unnecessary promotional items. He declared that these cuts are designed to trim the government’s “Wasteful Spending.”

As Americans living through these difficult times, we can understand the need to . . . → Read More: Promotional Products Industry and President Obama Mandates

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Logo USB Drives are Big Sellers

USB Swivel Drive

Logo USB Drives are proving again to be a big seller for corporate gift buyers. Prices have dropped in recent months thus making it a more affordable option. What many consumers don’t realize is that the pricing of memory (USB drives) fluctuates weekly and in some cases even daily. It’s much like the old . . . → Read More: Logo USB Drives are Big Sellers

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Time Flies

clock hands

Time flies so quickly that before you know it, hours have passed, days have come and gone, and months have moved with the seasons. What does this mean?? It means it has been too long since our last posting on our blog. It also seems like the perfect “TIME” or opportunity to recommend a business gift . . . → Read More: Time Flies

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Happy New Year! Business Gift Forecast for 2011


This post comes to you with wishes for a Happy New Year that brings you much success, health, friendship, and prosperity.  As we roll out the New Year, we all start with great expectations of things to come, leaving behind the negative from the preceding year. 

According to ASI – Advertising Specialty Institute, in . . . → Read More: Happy New Year! Business Gift Forecast for 2011

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Santa’s Elves Declare Business Christmas Gifts a Success


Well we haven’t had time to post to the blog in a while because all of Santa’s Elves that work at e-CorporateGifts.com have been very busy helping customers get just the right gifts delivered on time for Christmas.  There has been a trend for businesses to buy more gifts at higher prices this year, . . . → Read More: Santa’s Elves Declare Business Christmas Gifts a Success

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Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Business Gift Buyers

e-CorporateGifts Red Carpet Treatment

It’s no secret that companies and individuls are looking for the best deal they possibly can during these challenging economic times. With this in mind, the established business gift company e-CorporateGifts.com has unveiled a new program “The Red Carpet Treatment”. As a way to generate new business and thank old clients, the company is offering . . . → Read More: Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Business Gift Buyers

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Rockin Robot Proves to Be Popular Promo Item

USB 4 Port Hub

This adorable little Robot has proven himself in popularity right out of the shoot.  Rockin Robot is a 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub. Each port is located in his wheels, which are rubberized. To add to his appeal, his eyes light up when plugged into a PC. A logo or message can be added to . . . → Read More: Rockin Robot Proves to Be Popular Promo Item

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December 2010 – Dates to Remember

Winter Holiday

So when you think of December probably the first occasion that comes to mind is Christmas. For some it might be Chanukah or Kwanza, but did you know that great marketing potential exists in obscure and fun dates.

Here are some interesting dates and events to remember. Be creative and develop a marketing strategy . . . → Read More: December 2010 – Dates to Remember

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Promoting “Causes”, “Awareness” and Your Business

Breast Cancer Awareness

Are you looking for a new way to promote your business?  Do you want a unique promotional item that will be remembered by your current and prospective clients? Why not promote your company while promoting awareness for causes you are passionate about?

Everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you are looking to stay in front . . . → Read More: Promoting “Causes”, “Awareness” and Your Business

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What Makes a Hot Christmas Corporate Gift?

Christmas Corporate Gifts Fortune Cookie

What makes a hot Christmas Corporate Gift? The answer lies in trends in technology, economic health, and the state of mind of buyers and consumers. It seems that trends in Christmas business gifts change slightly every year with one exception.  Let’s start with the exception…..Food gifts! A classic staple are food items such as cookies, . . . → Read More: What Makes a Hot Christmas Corporate Gift?

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Creative Promotional Product Promotes Website Launch

Imprinted Tote Bag

On May 10, 2010 a new website was launched between Disney Family and Teri Hatcher (star of the TV hit show “Desperate Housewives”). The new website – www.gethatched.com – has the byline “A Chick’s Guide To Life”.  As is obvious the target audience is women. The website focuses on topics and information suitable for all women in all situations. . . . → Read More: Creative Promotional Product Promotes Website Launch

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What is Debossing?

Deboss Example

Debossing is typically a method used in leather, simulated leather, and vinyl products to display a logo or text. Most leather portfolios are debossed. Debossing leaves a permanent and elegant look to the final product whereas foil stamping which is another method used on leather items or simulated leather items, can rub off over time. Debossing is . . . → Read More: What is Debossing?

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Dunkin Donuts® Rewards Employees


Incentives are the best way to motivate and inspire employees to be at their top performance levels.  There  have been debates as to which is better received,  a cash incentive or a gift incentive. Studies have shown that employees see a cash incentive more as an extension of their payroll, whereas gifts are usually tangible things . . . → Read More: Dunkin Donuts® Rewards Employees

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