What is Debossing?

Deboss Example

Debossing is typically a method used in leather, simulated leather, and vinyl products to display a logo or text. Most leather portfolios are debossed. Debossing leaves a permanent and elegant look to the final product whereas foil stamping which is another method used on leather items or simulated leather items, can rub off over time. Debossing is . . . → Read More: What is Debossing?

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Logo Imprinting – Vector Art

Vector Art Example

So you want to imprint your logo on some gifts or promotional products and you just can’t understand why your vendor is hounding you for “good artwork”.  In order to have your logo looking crystal clear on the product you are ordering, it is necessary to provide your vendor with vectorized artwork.

Vectorized artwork . . . → Read More: Logo Imprinting – Vector Art

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