Promoting “Causes”, “Awareness” and Your Business

Breast Cancer AwarenessAre you looking for a new way to promote your business?  Do you want a unique promotional item that will be remembered by your current and prospective clients? Why not promote your company while promoting awareness for causes you are passionate about?

Everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you are looking to stay in front of your clients, a useful promotional gift that also shows your philanthropic side is perfect. During the month of October you could market your company with items in pink with the Cancer Awareness ribbon and your company logo. 

The same theme could be carried out for raising awareness for Heart Disease. Possibly items that are heart shaped, or red. Maybe your passionate about animals. You could give portable dog bowls with your logo and a slogan about saving the animals.

Consumers appreciate and respect a business that “gives back”. In addition to promoting your company with marketing items that contain your logo and cause, you could coordinate the distribution of items with your pledge to donate to that cause. For example, a note with the items saying your are donating a percentage of sales for the month to that cause that you have just highlighted on the item you are giving.

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter  if you manufacture widgets or sell pastries.  You can market your company while promoting awareness to your favorite causes or charities.

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