Creative Promotional Product Promotes Website Launch

Imprinted Tote BagOn May 10, 2010 a new website was launched between Disney Family and Teri Hatcher (star of the TV hit show “Desperate Housewives”). The new website – – has the byline “A Chick’s Guide To Life”.  As is obvious the target audience is women. The website focuses on topics and information suitable for all women in all situations. Disney was looking for a promotional product that they could hand out at the launch party in New York, that would be fashionable and make an impact on the attendees of the event.  In addition they wanted the item to follow their theme of the site that was fun, inspirational, and unique.

The tote pictured was the ticket to making the event a success. Inside the tote was information regarding the site, and then recipients were left with a useful tote bag to enjoy after the event. To add to the excitement, Teri Hatcher even autographed some of the bags for the attendees. Bottom line, a well thought out promotion will reap the benefits.

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