What Makes a Hot Christmas Corporate Gift?

Christmas Corporate Gifts Fortune CookieWhat makes a hot Christmas Corporate Gift? The answer lies in trends in technology, economic health, and the state of mind of buyers and consumers. It seems that trends in Christmas business gifts change slightly every year with one exception.  Let’s start with the exception…..Food gifts! A classic staple are food items such as cookies, gift baskets, and salmon gifts. For years gifts of food have been the most popular and acceptable gift for the holidays. It is something everyone can use and enjoy.

In previous years we have seen a flux of business towards leather portfolios. Although this is a more expensive gift, companies have bought fewer items and gifting only the most important people on their list. During these challenging economic times, selecting the most appropriate gift, that will ultimately have the best benefit on your bottom line is what matters.

We’ve also seen in the past couple of years a popularity with USB Flash Drives. Most companies have added their logo or company message to the drives, so they stay “in front” of their customers and employees all year long.

It’s difficult to predict at this point what the most popular Corporate Christmas Gifts will be for the 2010 Holiday season, but we have seen an astounding success to the Silver Fortune Cookie Box as a possible winner for the holidays. With the multitude of personalization options, it’s tie with “food items”, the whimsical nature, and it’s unique like-ability, it’s really taking off.

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