Santa’s Elves Declare Business Christmas Gifts a Success

Well we haven’t had time to post to the blog in a while because all of Santa’s Elves that work at have been very busy helping customers get just the right gifts delivered on time for Christmas.  There has been a trend for businesses to buy more gifts at higher prices this year, but rushes seem to have been the norm. The need to get gifts at the last minute for office parties and company events has been the greatest trend of all.  At first it looked as though companies had well planned out in advance for their holiday gift giving, but what has occurred is that they were shopping but didn’t buy until the last minute.

This trend of waiting, is probably indicative of the financial times.  Research was done well in advance, but the final purchase decisions have come with little time to spare. As time draws closer to the “Big Day”, the switch begins to go towards corporate holiday food gifts with an emphasis on Alaska Smoked Salmon gift boxes and baskets, away from imprinted logo items. Also companies are selecting  gift certificates since they can be emailed quickly to all of their recipients.

In addition, companies are beginning to research and purchase awards for their year end events. Well, this little helper has to go now and help the Corporate Santa finish up his work. Happy Holidays to everyone, and thank you for a wonderful year!

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