Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Business Gift Buyers

e-CorporateGifts Red Carpet TreatmentIt’s no secret that companies and individuls are looking for the best deal they possibly can during these challenging economic times. With this in mind, the established business gift company has unveiled a new program “The Red Carpet Treatment”. As a way to generate new business and thank old clients, the company is offering deep discounts based on value purchased. This discount program is in addition to the standard quantity pricing available.

It’s being termed “The Red Carpet Treatment” because not only are customers being offered discounts as great as $500 off an order, they will also receive unparalleled service and attention.  Customer service is based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Unlike many of it’s competitors that outsource customer service in foreign countries, clients of e-CorporateGifts will always reach a trained and professional sales agent, who can also assist in ideas for upcoming promotions and gifts.

In this day when everyone is looking for the best price, service and quality should not be overlooked. In a winning combination, with outstanding service since 1998, quality in products, and competitive pricing, truly offers it all!

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