Eco-Friendly Business Gifts

Eco FriendlyWith more attention to the planet, companies are leaning more and more to eco-friendly corporate gifts and promotional products. What is green? Items that are organic, recycled, reclaimed, solar powered, and water powered are a few of the processes used in order to ensure that items are eco friendly and considered “green”.  Manufacturers are certifying that their products fall into these categories and can be called eco friendly or green.

We are all attempting to save the planet as best as we can from pollution and over consumption, and this trend has carried over to the corporate gift business. Being green or eco-friendly used to mean boring and blah, but not anymore. Innovative uses of material and design have resulted in interesting and useful products.

Everything from water powered clocks to bamboo desk items are available now. In addition, standard business gifts such as portfolios, awards, and pens are available in eco-friendly material. So, it’s a good idea to start considering eco-friendly business gifts for your next gift giving or promotion occasion.

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