Happy New Year! Business Gift Forecast for 2011

This post comes to you with wishes for a Happy New Year that brings you much success, health, friendship, and prosperity.  As we roll out the New Year, we all start with great expectations of things to come, leaving behind the negative from the preceding year. 

According to ASI – Advertising Specialty Institute, in 2010 businesses spent more on gifting their employees than prospective clients. From our research, we see that trend continuing in 2011. Recognition Awards are a growing category in addition to small tokens of appreciation to an organization’s most valuable assets – their employees. 

In addition to rewarding and recognizing employees. It is now a perfect time to lay a foundation plan for the marketing of your business. Will you be attending some tradeshows, sponsoring a golf tournament, hosting a seminar? If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to think of some promotional items to brand your company name and logo. Handouts and giveaways are a great way to keep your name or brand in front of prospective clients all year long.

So start planning now. Be ready with your marketing strategies for a year full of success. Happy New Year from the staff at e-CorporateGifts.com.

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