Dunkin Donuts® Rewards Employees

Incentives are the best way to motivate and inspire employees to be at their top performance levels.  There  have been debates as to which is better received,  a cash incentive or a gift incentive. Studies have shown that employees see a cash incentive more as an extension of their payroll, whereas gifts are usually tangible things they would not go out and buy for themselves. In addition, according to the Incentive Federation, merchandise incentives tend to be more motivational.

Recently Dunkin Donuts® implemented an incentive program for it’s sales clerks in order to create brand awareness for their new line of bagels. This incentive program was actually a contest named  the “Brilliant Bagel Campaign”. The sales clerks that sold the most bagels won imprinted hats, T-shirts, and gym bags. 

Managers also presented employees with scratch off tickets during their bagel training sessions. Each scratch off was good for instant prizes such as mini-flashlights and stopwatch radios.  The entire program was a huge success for Dunkin Donuts®. Within nine months of implementing the program, bagel sales reached 10% of total store sales. Studies now show that more than 50% of consumers are aware of the Dunkin Bagel, and Dunkin Donuts® is now the nation’s largest bagel retailer.

Create a little excitement in your company, and exciting things can happen.

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