Logo USB Drives are Big Sellers

Logo USB Drives are proving again to be a big seller for corporate gift buyers. Prices have dropped in recent months thus making it a more affordable option. What many consumers don’t realize is that the pricing of memory (USB drives) fluctuates weekly and in some cases even daily. It’s much like the old days when buying computer memory was so volatile.

The most popular style and memory size is the USB Swivel Drive – 1GB. In our opinion the reason this is such a popular business gift is that it can be easily imprinted or engraved with a company logo or text. In addition, it is a high tech item, which is always in demand.

Creativity has also gone crazy with the development of USB Drives. You can now purchase drives in different shapes and themes. If you have a large enough order and have some time, custom made shapes can be made that are exactly to your specifications. Another thing that many businesses like is that the USB drives can be preloaded with data (at a nominal fee). All in all, predictions are that USB drives are going to be one of the most popular Corporate Christmas Gifts in 2011.

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