Logo Imprinting – Vector Art

Vector Art ExampleSo you want to imprint your logo on some gifts or promotional products and you just can’t understand why your vendor is hounding you for “good artwork”.  In order to have your logo looking crystal clear on the product you are ordering, it is necessary to provide your vendor with vectorized artwork.

Vectorized artwork is also known as Vector Graphics. In a nutshell it is artwork that can be manipulated (sized) in a computer art program such as Adobe Illustrator.  Vector graphic files store your logo in lines, shapes, and colors that make up the image as a mathematical formula. The computer artwork program than uses these mathematical formulas to construct the screen image, building the best quality image possible.  The helmet shows an example of what vectorized artwork looks like to a graphic artist in a artwork program such as Adobe Illustrator.

The vector artwork can than be sized to fit whatever product you are ordering. In addition it is possible to engrave, imprint or deboss your logo with your vectorized artwork. If it’s in color, the color can be changed to black and white or anything you want. So whether you are looking to deboss a leather portfolio, engrave  company awards, or imprint on a small promotional item, the one file you have with your vectorized art will work on it all.

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