Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Business Gift Buyers

e-CorporateGifts Red Carpet Treatment

It’s no secret that companies and individuls are looking for the best deal they possibly can during these challenging economic times. With this in mind, the established business gift company has unveiled a new program “The Red Carpet Treatment”. As a way to generate new business and thank old clients, the company is offering . . . → Read More: Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Business Gift Buyers

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International Business Gift Giving

Business Gift Handshake Exchange

A question that comes up frequently is what is proper etiquette when presenting gifts for international business. Is it appropriate to give a gift or go empty handed? The answer to this question is based on several factors, such as your relationship with the client/business and their country of origin.

In many situations and countries, a . . . → Read More: International Business Gift Giving

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